NORFOLK, Neb. -- A long-standing building on Northeast’s campus is nearing its end and officials say the building will try to adapt for new students.

Plans to update the building came from a study done on the building’s structure.

The 49,000 square foot building has been in use for over 50 years and Northeast President Dr. Leah Barrett said the building lost some of its educational value.

“The building itself has just lost its ability to be efficient and meet the needs of today’s learner," Barrett said.

With fences around the building, Barrett said the building’s construction is planned to begin next week.

The new building will house many of the different school’s departments, but Barrett said one department will benefit from the new residence. 

“Our center for teaching and learning which is the space that really provides that professional development opportunities for our faculty," Barrett said.

Barrett, whose original office was located in Maclay, said the accounting, business, and several social science departments will also be in the new building.

While the original building will be demolished, Barrett said the building will keep its name, which was named after the first president of Northeast Community College F. Don Maclay.

Anyone who walks past will immediately notice the graffiti on the side of the building.

Barrett said the spray paint allowed for a creative way for people to celebrate the building.

“The graffiti was a way for students to celebrate this building…alumni and staff as well to say goodbye in a fun and creative way as construction truly does begin next week," Barrett said.

The new Maclay building is set to have its first classes in the fall of 2025.