MADISON, Neb. -- Employees working late for the Madison County Sheriff's office will be seeing a slight increase in their paychecks.

On Tuesday, the Madison County commissioners met with County Sheriff Todd Volk to discuss increasing pay for late-night working employees.

All members of the department, excluding those working in civilian positions, would receive a 50 cent increase to their hourly wage.

Volk said the pay bump would give incentives for employees to work the night shift, something he says can be difficult. 

"The biggest part of it is to be kind of more progressive in our payouts," Volk said. "A lot of people don't want to work night shifts anymore, weekends, well we're 24/7. So, the ones that do work nights, or want to work nights...give them a little bit of a bonus."

Volk also said the pay bump would also work in recruiting new employees to the office. 

The fifty cents would apply only to those who are scheduled to work from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and not apply to those called into work during those hours.

The Madison County Commissioners approved the pay pump of 50 cents and hours in a 3-0 vote. 

The commissioners also approved the creation of a "civil process civilian position" in the sheriff's office, which would open a patrol and criminal deputy position.