NORFOLK, Neb. -- Music is medicine.  

Charlotte Endorf, the group leader, said the Brain Injury Awareness and Healing Support group closed out its yearly session on Wednesday. 

They partnered with Humanities Nebraska welcoming two musicians, because music played a huge part this year. 

"We have focused on music this year, because the music takes care of your whole brain, all parts of the brain are used and it's healing,” said Endorf. 

Attendees listened to a program titled, "A Musical Journey Across America: Songs that Helped Shape a Nation" which featured six instruments highlighting different regions and historical moments across the country. 

"Gosh we live in a country that is just rich in musical history and styles, so I's just going to give them a taste of different parts of our country that way,” said Musician Chris Sayre.  

Pat Boilesen, also known as self-proclaimed Nebraska's daughter, performed original songs catered to the Nebraskan experience. 

She said she does her part in keeping Nebraska history alive through songwriting, and hopes they resonate with the listeners. 

"What I always hope for is that if just one song touches or reaches out to someone in the listening audience, and they can relate to it,” said Pat Boilesen.  

The support group typically lasts from April through the end of October welcoming those with brain injuries or anyone wanting to learn about them. 

Next year attendees will shift their focus to the Arts.