CRAIG, Neb. -- The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District says they have a lot of work to do if they want to connect Craig to a new water supply. 

With a population of about 200 people, the village of Craig is located humbly in Burt County, Nebraska between the two larger towns of Oakland and Tekamah. 

Unfortunately for Craig, its water supply is facing issues as of late.

According to Facebook posts from the village's office, Craig has faced water pressure issues and leaks this past week.

On top of this, data has shown a potential health risks in the water.

"They are currently dealing with manganese issues and desperately need to find a new source of water," said Brian Bruckner, LENRD general manager.

To help elevate these concerns, the LENRD is hoping to build a new well that would provide a better water source for the village.

The LENRD isn't sure how much the project would cost at this time, but they are expecting to need some help from the state. 

Because of this, Bruckner said they are pursuing a funding option with the Nebraska government.

"The Emerging Contaminants and Socially Disadvantaged Communities Grant program is the needle that we're trying to thread," Bruckner said. "If we can thread that needle we can get some substantial grant funds to help bear the costs." 

To help secure this grant the LENRD reached out to Steve McNulty a supervisor with the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy.

However, McNulty's biggest concern wasn't manganese, it was nitrate.

Bruckner said McNulty came back to the LENRD saying he had concerns about the nitrate levels in Logan East Rural Water. 

Despite these concerns, Bruckner said they are still in the running to receive the grant money.

However, the LENRD has been asked to consolidate and compile all historical data on two production wells in the Logan East that measured high in nitrate.

Secondly, the LENRD must come up with a plan to deal with the elevating nitrates in Logan East.

No action was taken Thursday by the board of directors.

However, Bruckner said he and officials from Logan East Rural Water will be working together to come up with a plan to help fit the criteria for the grant.