NORFOLK, Neb. -- America’s Best Restaurants travels across the country to connect with locally owned restaurants and gives them the spotlight.

America's Best Restaurants is a online show that travels nationwide to spotlight the top locally-owned restaurants.

"Our goal is to bring local attention to the restaurants. We want all the locals within a 100-mile radius to know about Divots Downtown," said Host of America's Best Restaurants Jacalyn Mains.

America's Best Restaurants picks their restaurants after getting nominations from community members or seeking out restaurants that would be perfect candidates for the show.

"We travel the entire United States and feature only local, independently owned restaurants, no chains. We get to tell their story and taste their food on camera," Mains said.

Either way, Donna Herrick, owner the nearly year-old business, is thrilled they're here.

"I just received a call one day…told me that we were nominated for this [and] is that something we would be interested in pursuing and I said, 'Yeah,'" Herrick said.

Herrick said she hopes the episode shows people across Nebraska and the country what their restaurant so special.

"To love and serve our guests. Everybody wants to give great guest service but we want to go that extra step further," Herrick said.

Downtown Divots isn't the only Nebraska restaurant to make the show.

"We were in Columbus and Lincoln yesterday and kind of like, 'Where else in Nebraska could we go?'" Mains said.

Mains says she starts off a day of filming by sitting down with the owner to learn about their story.

Previous restaurants featured on the show; said the exposure is great for business.

"In fact, we had one that they were open for lunch and dinner. He said, 'I had to close down lunch service because it was so crowded, we needed prep time for our dinner crowd coming in.' That's what it's all about. We want more people to know about these restaurants," Mains said.

Divots Downtown episode will air on their Facebook page which will air in eight or nine weeks.

Herrick plans to host a watch party for the episode.