NORFOLK, Neb. -- "The public needs to know they're being heard,” said Norfolk resident, Julie Knudson. 

Norfolk residents are encouraged to take part in a street repair survey. 

The survey features 72 segments of streets in need of repair, with citizens given the task to prioritize up to 15 of their choice. 

"We will focus the dollars as necessary so that we are making very real improvements in the neighborhoods that are chosen,” said Public Works Director Steven Rames. 

The city's budgets over the next two years will allocate money for these repairs.  

"It's unfortunate that our streets are in such bad shape, just generally across the city. It's not hard to spend $5 million on repairs,” Rames said. 

Rames said that this is a unique opportunity as residents are being asked to comment on street repairs. 

Although, community response has been low as only 100 to 125 people have completed the survey.

"You know 300, 400 respondents I think would be a good number to try and get to,” Rames said. 

Despite previous scans of the streets, allowing those who drive on the roads everyday can help the city know what needs to be fixed for safer passage. 

"This is an excellent opportunity for patrons to come forward, otherwise they don't really have a reason to complain if they don't voice their opinions,” Knudson said. 

As the projects range in costs, the survey asks if citizens want numerous small projects for cheaper or a few larger more costly projects. 

"Bigger roads fixed first, yeah not so many projects all at once. It's frustrating,” Knudson said. 

The survey has been extended to remain open until the end of the week. 

Once the survey is closed, an initial look at the data will take place next week. 

On the second Monday of the month, the findings will be brought forward to a city council subcommittee for the next steps.