HICKMAN, Neb. -- A local boutique in Hickman, Nebraska is facing backlash after an employee wore blackface for a Halloween costume last week. 

On Friday Oct. 27, J Boutique posted a photo to their Facebook page of the owner, Jenn Folkerts, dressed as Martha Stewart alongside her employee, Trista Stewart, dressed as Snoop Dogg. 

Shortly after, the post was shared, screenshotted, and met with outrage in the comments.  

The post of them in costume had been deleted prior to the first apology.  

J Boutique deleted the original apology posted after backlash saying quote, "It was in no way intended to be malicious or cruel in any regard but I completely understand how it could be perceived that way. I was naive, ignorant and unaware and I completely own that in every way." 

Endia Casey-Agoumba, member of a Wayne, America social justice group, That Ain't Right, said that in an age of the internet, this type of ignorance isn't acceptable. 

In a second post five days ago regarding the incident, J Boutique expressed their feelings towards feedback, "We are not bad people.  We are hurting…emotionally, mentally and physically. We can take the backlash to a certain point…but when people start making death threats, harassing our family members, using derogatory language and just generally personally attacking us, it’s a whole different level." 

J Boutique has not posted since, but the second post remains. 

Casey-Agoumba explained the disconnect in wanting forgiveness without gaining knowledge from the problem in a statement provided to News Channel Nebraska, "You don’t know my history, but you also don’t see your responsibility in learning my history, but you want my forgiveness when you do things that slice down to my marrow, because you didn’t know the damage it would cause, because you weren’t taught, because it’s too painful for you to learn." 

J Boutique did not respond to N-C-N's request for comment.