NORFOLK, Neb. -- News Channel Nebraska got an exclusive inside look at the ongoing construction of new stores at Sunset Plaza, which is going to help increase foot traffic and keep shopping within the city, while also bringing in more people from other places. 

"The plaza is looking different, the plaza is feeling different,” said Sunset Plaza Representative Andres Sevilla.  

As previously reported by NCN Sunset Plaza has been undergoing construction to house its newest two stores: Kohl's and TJ Maxx. 

Construction has seen major milestones such as new electrical utility services and the opening of storefronts becoming visible to the public. 

"Norfolk is already noticing the big changes,” said Sevilla. 

Crews have completed the demising of walls now separating the estimated 75,000 square-foot space where the stores will be. 

Construction is set to be completed by April of 2024, with the mall delivering the spaces in January for the franchises. 

"We're working really, really hard to meet the dates, we're looking forward for the grand opening. I think we're going to reach that, as long as we reach that on time,” said Sevilla. “That's my main goal right now, the goal of our whole team." 

The additions will provide alternatives to the community and attract new shoppers from within the state and neighboring states. 

Sunset Plaza is working to secure more household names to provide an even better shopping experience.  

"We are in conversations with other national junior anchors that are already very interested in joining,” said Sevilla.