MADISON, Neb. -- A local fire department is having troubles when it comes to who needs to pony up on unpaid bills. 

Madison Fire and Rescue said it's all due to an antenna and siren stationed on top of the city's water tower.  

The antenna was placed to allow emergency responders from across Madison County to communicate with each other in the case of an emergency, if 911 went down.  

The company that installed the antenna, Nebraska Regional Interoperability Network (NRIN), has been billing the city of Madison for its use.  

The city feels the fire department should cover the cost, but Madison County Commissioners believe the bill shouldn't be paid by either entity. 

"We had NRIN on Zoom at the time and whoever that was...they said 'wait a second' we're on your tower for free, were not going to charge you to be there," said Troy Uhlir, Commissioner Chairman.  

The commissioners believe that NRIN may have undergone some changes with someone unaware of the agreement and is now billing the city by mistake.

The commissioners advised the Fire Department to partner with them and the city to clarify the situation with NRIN.