WAYNE, Neb. -- After being locally owned for 36 years, Wayne grocery store Pac ‘N’ Save has been sold. 

County Fair out of South Dakota acquired the grocery store from Don and Nancy Endicott making it their sixth store. 

New Store Director Brent Engels said the store will mostly stay the same at its foundation, but will see some newer additions. 

"And with that app it provides a loyalty program for our customers and then we also do some hot aggressive items each week, sometimes it's a cheaper item, sometimes it's actually a free item for the week that they can get with that app,” said Engels. 

20-year-employee Sam Schrant said that before the change in ownership, he was nervous about the store's future. 

"Seeing other places go the opposite direction, so it's always a nervous time,” said Schrant. 

He said that he's happy that the store was not converted to a franchise business as it was a concern of the community. 

"I'm happy that we saved Pac ‘N’ Save,” said Schrant. “I mean I really didn't want to be sold into a Hy-Vee or something like that or another big chain, so it was good." 

Engels said that staff and the community have adjusted well under the new ownership, and they are ready to be a staple in the college town. 

"We're just really excited to be in the community of Wayne, Nebraska. We've really enjoyed it so far,” said Engels. “It's awesome having Wayne State here, we've worked with them on a lot of catering events, and we're just excited to keep moving that forward." 

"Just excited for the future for Pac ‘N’ Save, so we'll see what happens,” said Schrant.