HOSKINS, Neb. -- The Hoskins-Woodland Park Fire Department has given an update on Tuesday morning's hay bale fire.

Chief Adam Behmer says they received a call around 8:00 a.m. for the incident.

Behmer says at this time they believe the bales caught fire after spontaneously combusting, due to them being wet.

Approximately 50-75 bales were lost due to the blaze.

Behmer is asking drivers to still avoid the area as he expects the bales to be smoking and burning for the rest of the day.

He hopes it will burn out before tomorrow. 

This is an update to the original story, the previous entry can be found below:

Fire crews responded to a hay bale fire northeast of Woodland Park Tuesday.

Fire crews from the Hoskins-Woodland Park and Norfolk Fire departments responded to a field located along 845th Road.

There multiple hay bales were seen with smoke rising from them as well as flames from others.

The smoke was so bad, that authorities were asking drivers to avoid the area as the winds had blown the smoke across the road, preventing visibility.