NORFOLK, Neb. -- Owner of Daycos Tammy Day did not envision herself writing a book.

“I really meant to just start capturing some of this work and once I got through that process, I had about 60,000 words of stuff,” Day said.

The 60,000 words turned into a book titled ‘Philanthropy for All’ published by Day.

“The thread that runs through the book is that philanthropy isn’t for everyone,” Day said. "You have to start with redefining what philanthropy means."

Day said the themes in the book don’t focus on the monetary aspect of business.

“What I hope people take away is that philanthropy is really about all those things we do in our businesses, in our communities, in our families, in our schools, that just help make something or someone better,” Day said.

With compiling stories from over 20 years in the area, Day said she wanted to compile all her stories from conducting business in Norfolk.

Day was joined by other business owners and family to celebrate the book being finished and said she hopes to inspire others in the community.

“I also think my whole purpose in writing this book is to try to make things better and to try to help other people realize that they really can make a difference,” Day said.

The book can be found on Amazon and Day hopes people wanting to begin their own businesses can learn lessons from the book.

"Trying to figure out how do you ground this work and this idea of doing good into everything you do,” Day said. "That's how people can keep it [their business] going and keep it successful over that first couple of years."