NORFOLK, Neb. -- "Just do what you want to do, as long as you're not hurting anybody else, do what makes you happy,” said Hair Lair Owner Mia Tinsley. 

These are Tinsley's words of advice for future entrepreneurs. 

Tinsley is the sole stylist at the Hair Lair, which she says is a place for all to feel beautiful and confident in their skin. 

"It's all about you when you come here, and that's always been my number one goal is to make sure everybody feels safe and comfortable and whatever we're doing for them or anything, I just want them to feel safe, and like they can be themselves,” Tinsley said. 

After being in the beauty industry for seven years, Tinsley opened her salon three months ago saying there's been a learning curve when operating her business along with some perks as well. 

"You have to be on social media, you have to be doing that, and so I guess that's been kind of difficult, but other than that it's really nice being able to do your own thing,” Tinsley said. 

Since it's opening, the Hair Lair has formed a positive relationship within the community. 

"As I get older, I realize how much community is really important to me, and so I've been trying to delve into the community myself and I sponsor the PRIDE community, we're doing donations for the 'Go for Girls' organization,” Tinsley said. 

Despite being told that sponsoring said groups like Norfolk Area Pride would hurt business, Tinsley did what she believed in and was pleasantly surprised by the response. 

"Everybody's been so supportive, even the people that you wouldn't expect to be supportive, they have loved it just cause they're like oh it's awesome that there's a space that people can be seen and heard and feel comfortable in their own skin,” Tinsley said. 

Tinsley has plans to expand her salon in the future to include more stylists, creating a supportive environment. 

"Be in an environment where you can be the best at what you're the best at,” Tinsley said. "You're not going to be down talked or treated differently because maybe you aren't as great at highlights or something as somebody else, like I just want to create a supportive community for hairdressers because it's hard in our industry."