NORFOLK, Neb. -- "And they came out as citizens should and shared their thoughts and asked their questions and I'm better for it,” said U.S. Congressman Mike Flood. 

Flood held a town hall meeting in Norfolk on Monday welcoming the public to share updates on the projects being worked on in Washington. 

He shared an objective of acting against the nation's southern border crisis, stating America should revert to Former President Donald Trump's policy adding the border can be used by terrorists to get through and harm Americans. 

"I think we need to pass what we call HR2 in the Congress, which essentially builds the wall, reinstates the remain in Mexico policy and gets serious with border patrol funding to enforce rather than process illegal immigrants across the border,” said Flood. 

The town hall also included a Q&A portion for the community to voice their opinions and concerns on different topics and issues. 

A hot topic of the night was the debate on student loans in the country, with Flood voicing his stance for repayment as he feels most Nebraskans can agree with. 

"Well, I think at the end of the day if you take out a loan for your education, you're betting on yourself and you have an obligation to pay it back; and you have pretty favorable terms to pay it back,” said Flood. 

Flood called the town hall a basic responsibility of an elected official and says that it lets the community know that they are being heard. 

"I think there's a lot of people in this room that care about America and the future of our country; and they came out to express those concerns and they were all different issues and so I feel like this is a good sign,” said Flood. 

Mike Flood is the founder and an owner of Flood Communications and News Channel Nebraska.