NORFOLK, Neb. -- A shot clock is one step closer to being seen in all classes after all six district meetings on Wednesday.

In Norfolk, 51 voters were on Northeast Community College’s campus to go over new changes that could take into effect going into the 2024-25 school year.

One of those hotly contested changes was the implementation of the shot clock into all classes for basketball.

Shot clocks have already been implemented in Class A and B basketball, giving teams a 35 second window to run their plays and make shots.

In District 3, 53 of the 55 schools are in Class C or lower and have only experienced the shot clock during tournament games.

One of those tournaments included the Wayne Holiday Tournament where all teams agreed to using the shot clock before the tournament.

Wayne Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Lenihan said the tournament went well and overall “improved the play” of the basketball.

Norfolk High Activities Director John Erwin said despite reservations of the shot clock at first, he ultimately believes the play in basketball has gotten better and welcomes the shot clock in athletics.

“I had the same thoughts as you guys like, ‘How many times is it going to go off,’ and this and that," Erwin said. "Each time we have a game on, I’m kind of thankful we have it now.”

Some concerns raised by the voters in attendance included the cost of shot clocks and operators.

Dr. Jon Cerny, superintendent at Bancroft-Rosalie and NSAA Board of Directors for District 3, said the availability of clocks is not a problem. It's the total cost of running it.

“Don’t let that be the issue," Cerny said. "The issue is probably if you can find somebody to run it. I think Logan View got a quote for $7,100 from Daktronics for theirs.”

The motion in District 3 passed by a vote of 29 for, 19 against, and 3 abstaining.

The new rules must be passed in three or more districts to advance further before being introduced into the NSAA rules for the 2024-25 basketball season.