STANTON, Neb. -- North Fork Area Transit’s (NFAT) search for funding has made it to Stanton County Commissioners where they asked for $75,000 from the county.

With 15 to 20 riders in Stanton County, Corrine Donahue, who represents NFAT, came to the commissioners with more information about the riders in their county.

In a survey of riders in the county, the decision to not provide the public transportation would force them to move out of the county and lose their job.

Stanton County Commissioner Douglas Huttman sees a need for the system, but says taxpayers should not be the ones funding it.

“I think there’s a need for it,” Huttman said. “As a taxpayer, I don’t know how Stanton County could give more taxpayer money.”

Huttman says getting community involvement from businesses makes more sense than asking for the money from tax payers in Stanton.

With ARPA money all used up, Huttman says it is a sizable amount of money to give to the organization.

NFAT did say the amount of money is not set in stone and the $75,000 annually is a “flexible” amount.

NFAT says many fail-safes, such as checks and balances and not allowing one person to control finances, have been introduced to the organization to prevent the misuse of funds like what former NFAT Director Jeffery Stewart did.

Another concern from Commissioner Dennis Kment was asking if those who use the service are in actual need of it.

“This is where I see...I’m not sure that you have set a system where you have identified those who need your services," Kment said. "That’s where I’m not completely sure. You could easily get some free-loaders on here.”

Lacy Kimes, NFAT president, says she understands Kment’s concern but says the service is vital for those who need and use public transportation.

“As somebody who has family members with special needs that rely on public transportation, they have no other option,” Kimes said. “They can’t physically drive. Let’s be their voice as taxpayers themselves.”

While no decision was made on funding on Tuesday, NFAT is planning to come back to the commissioners next month with more information.

NFAT also plans to approach Norfolk City Council on Tuesday night to approve an agreement of funds.