PLAINVIEW - A northeast Nebraska administrator is walking back comments about girls wrestling after a social media post drew strong pushback.

In a now-deleted post on X, Plainview superintendent Dr. Darron Arlt shared some not-so-positive thoughts on girls wrestling in Nebraska Tuesday. According to a screenshot shared with News Channel Nebraska, this is what Arlt had to say...

"Admittedly, I've attended just a few girl's tournaments, but I've come to this opinion...Girl's Wrestling in Nebraska is not ready for Prime Time. The overall quality of talent and understanding of the demands of wrestling is 'emerging', and that is where I feel the NSAA should have kept the sport. I have observed a lot of crying, ice bag requests, and quite frankly...drama. Having said that, I know there are some pretty good to elite ladies and teams competing across Nebraska and we all know the overall # of competitors is growing rapidly, but is the sport 'maturing' just as rapidly to justify blowing up the boy's state tournament so they can be included? The girls deserve a tournament of their own so they can create their own traditions and have the spotlight just on them. I think the NSAA and schools across NE could have figured out how to accomplish this while sharing coaching duties and dates with boys. It just seems to me to be a bit of a rush to get as many girls to CHI than maybe are ready for it. I respect the opinion of those who feel different, and I hope you respect mine."

That post drew immediate pushback and was taken down, replaced by multiple conciliatory posts, with Arlt saying he spoke with girls' wrestling coaches and regrets his words, even posing for a photo op with Plainview’s girls' wrestling team.

Here is the apology he posted to X on Thursday evening:

"I am sorry. My dismissive comments about your readiness for the grandest stage in wrestling were beyond insensitive. This is not reflective of my true heart and my mind. This thoughtless mistake of mine hurt so many of the very people I have spent decades supporting, encouraging, and celebrating. I love my school community here in Plainview and I am especially sorry that I have disgraced you. It is with the most sincere humility that I ask for forgiveness."

Arlt's comments came as the Plainview girls wrestling team clinched their first-ever conference championship this past Wednesday, with Kenzie Mosel clinching the school's first individual Lewis and Clark Conference title.

It’s a teachable moment for a school administrator, but now the district is wrestling over what to do next.

Plainview’s school board has called for a special emergency meeting Friday evening with just one agenda item…a closed session to discuss the performance of their superintendent.