PLAINVIEW, Neb. -- Three hours was how long it took for the Plainview Board of Education to come to a decision on Friday night. A decision that took disciplinary action on Superintendent Dr. Darron Arlt. 

Arlt received backlash after certain comments he made pertaining to a women’s sport in Nebraska. The comments, which were quickly removed from social media, stated Arlt’s opinion about the presence of girl’s wrestling in Nebraska. 

In the original post, Arlt stated that the girls were “not ready.” He also claimed he observed a lot of “crying," “ice bag requests,” and “drama.”

After a quick apology, Arlt posed for a quick photo op with the girl’s wrestling team soon after. However, the board did not believe that Arlt’s actions were enough.

Arlt made a statement to News Channel Nebraska via email about his comments, and the regrets he displayed soon after making the post. He declined any further additional comments upon direction of the board. 

Ultimately, the Board of Education decided to place Arlt on a non-paid administrative leave.

The board decided to not take any comments from the public until the next scheduled meeting. 

The vote on the action of placing Arlt on leave was a unanimous 6-0 vote. This will remain Arlt’s status until the Board can come up with further direction for the superintendent position.

Arlt’s non-paid administrative leave begins Feb. 5.  

You can read the full statement from the board below: 

“We are aware of the social media post made by our superintendent, Darron Arlt, regarding state wrestling and the growth of girl’s wrestling in Nebraska. As the school board, we have taken the last few days to understand and assess things. We do not support or condone Superintendent Arlt’s statement. We are proud of Plainview’s girls wrestling team. It has been a great addition to our program offerings for students and is quickly growing across Nebraska. After speaking with Superintendent Arlt at length, we believe he is genuinely sorry about his statement.

We also recognize the quick removal of his post and apologizing, while appreciated and appropriate, is not enough. As of February 5th, Dr. Arlt has been placed on unpaid administrative leave from Plainview Public Schools as we continue to discuss our response as a school board. To his credit, Dr. Arlt has been forthright and understanding of the fact that we have higher expectations for him. We will not have any additional information to share until our regular board meeting on February 12. At that time, we hope to share our plan for how best to move our school forward.” - Tim Rasmussen, President of the Plainview Board of Education. 

Statement from the superintendent issued to News Channel Nebraska:

“I apologize but I am unable to comment. I take direction from my board and cannot make any further public comments at this time beyond my sincere regret for the thoughtless and hurtful comment and apology to the NE Girls Wrestling Community that I made Wednesday evening.” - Dr. Darron Arlt, Superintendent of Plainview Public Schools.