NORFOLK - The highly anticipated "Battle for Highway 81" rivalry between Northeast CC and Central CC-Columbus saw pure dominance from the hometown Hawks.

After a close first few minutes, the Hawks got hot and stayed that way through the duration of the first 20 minutes of basketball, while the Raiders just tried to keep up.

Northeast shot over 66% in the first half and 63% from the three-point line, while Central hovered around 40% FG shooting in the first half.

Leading 63-38, the Hawks kept the pedal to the floor in the second half.

Northeast didn't shoot quite as well, but found ways to score until the late stages.

The Hawks finished the night with a 115-82 victory over the rival Raiders.

Vincent Garrett and Bryson Faines, both from Lincoln High and in their first year at Northeast, scored 30 points each in the win. Jacob Martin scored 16 points for the Hawks as well.

Central CC-Columbus was led by Dakarai Davis and Aidan Graham with 14 points each.

Northeast improves to 10-13 in the late stages of the season, while Central falls to 14-10.