NORFOLK, Neb. -- Conditions may have seemed fair over the last couple of weeks, but it didn't last. According to our accuweather forecast report, 35-45 mph wind gusts are moving to the southeast, pelting towns like Norfolk and the areas around it. 

Trash cans were blown over, water was choppy and conditions just were not suitable for outdoor weather, with the windchill temperatures dropping down to as low as 23 degrees. 

According to Region 11 Emergency Manager Bobbi Risor, the largest threat this wind carries is the migration of fires. With Nebraska in a drought, the wind could help generate fires that could carry for miles. 

“We’re in extreme fire danger right now with the drought and with it being so dry outside,” Risor said. 

With conditions being as windy as reported, Risor believes the best option for everyone is to stay inside and be aware of what could potentially spark a fire.

“So any type of flame, be careful with,” Risor said. “It’s very simple, especially with this wind, to spark anything and to get a large fire, which is happening right now in western Nebraska."

The fires Risor refers to are the recent large grass fires out in North Platte. The 71,022 acre sized fire was reported to be started by mowing operations. 

“Sometimes mowing with big equipment can, the heat from that and different parts of the machinery, can start fields on fire,” Risor said. “Just be aware, be aware of what you are doing. Be cognizant of, if you have anything that could spark or produce a fire, because right now it is probably going to happen.”

Conditions will last throughout the remainder of the day before temperatures will climb back up to the high 60’s by this weekend.