WEST POINT, Neb. -- At the weekly town hall meeting in West Point on Monday, Gov. Jim Pillen said now is a great time for Nebraskans to capitalize on new opportunities. 

"It's a key time for all of us to come together," Pillen said. "There is extraordinary opportunities. I am a believer because the strength of how we feed the world and save the planet. Our rural communities can really reverse the trend, implement technology and grow and there's great opportunities for the future."

The topics of discussion at the meeting ranged widely from property taxes to clean energy and the carbon pipeline.

"Well, I think the first thing is the gift of appreciation that we all Nebraskans understand that our greatest gift is all the people," Pillen said. "We brag and be grateful for the people of Nebraska." 

Pillen also mentioned the priorities of being more fiscally responsible.

"It is essential that we have transformative property tax reform," Pillen said. "If you believe in that, if you are tired of your property taxes, please call your representatives across the state and make sure they know what the people want."

Property tax reform is the first step in Pillen's plan to help Nebraska become more self-sustainable.