NORFOLK, Neb. -- U.S. Sen. Pete Ricketts visited the town of Norfolk on Monday as one of many stops of his border briefing. He wants to make Nebraskans aware of its impact on the state.

“I was doing my board briefing today in Norfolk really to raise awareness about this most pressing national security issue we have at our southern border,” Ricketts said. “That in the three years Joe Biden's been president, nearly 9 million people have either entered this country illegally or tried to enter this country illegally.”

In what was a 30-minute presentation that was followed by questions from the public, Ricketts capitalized on the border issue and what he believes the White House isn’t doing about it.

“We've got a huge national security and humanitarian crisis,” Ricketts said. “People need to know that Joe Biden can fix it. He's got the same tools Trump had, but he's choosing not to do it."

Ricketts also took the time to address the specific impacts that he believes originate from the border policies and how it can affect Nebraskans. 

“The catastrophe on our southern border is making every state a border state,” Ricketts said. “We see the drugs here in Nebraska. Fentanyl is the leading killer of young Americans aged 18 to 45 and it's killing Nebraskans. We see the human trafficking that is going on. We're impacted by the folks who are coming here, the kids that don't speak English, all that is impacting our communities just like it's impacting every state.”

Ricketts will continue on the road to spread more of his findings, having visited the U.S./Mexico border multiple times.

As far as Ricketts' plan goes, he goal is to make sure everyone around the state of Nebraska is aware of how they can be affected by the changes at the southern border.