MADISON, Neb. — A former Norfolk Public School administrator will now have to pay a $250 fine for falsifying documents.

Previously, 53-year-old Dr. Bill Robinson was charged with abuse of public records.

In an agreement, the former associate superintendent pleaded no contest to the charges in Madison County Court and came with a reduced charge of an attempt of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

This stems back to August 2023. Robinson had tendered his resignation on Aug. 2 and the next day, State Auditor Mike Foley released a report accusing the former associate superintendent of falsifying documents to try and secure funding for a grant.

The grant programs reimburse school districts for certain expenses but have to be turned in within designated time frames.

Following a denial from the department due to an overdue submission, Robinson explained the first paper was incorrect and fixed the error with new paper work.

Foley’s press release said the information had various details changed such as purchase dates and a different grant year for expenses.