NORFOLK, Neb. -- Election year is upon the state of Nebraska as many officials in and outside of the state will be elected to hold political office. News Channel Nebraska wanted to give all candidates an opportunity to share why they believe they are the best fit for their respective positions. 

Jeanne Reigle is a conservative Nebraskan running for state legislature for District 19. She and her husband are second generation cattle feeders. Owning Reigle Cattle Company, Reigle prides herself on her roots. 

"I just have a very fond love for agriculture and the small towns that support it," Reigle said. 

In recent years, Reigle's youngest son Andy and his wife Alison have taken over the management for Reigle Cattle Company. This has given Reigle time to turn her attention towards issues she believes are effecting Nebraskans. 

"That gave me an opportunity to turn my attention towards some really growing concerns that I have had over the years about agriculture and small businesses being undervalued, under-resourced, over-regulated," Reigle said. "I just wanted to turn my attention trying to reverse some of these failed policies."

In the first time in a long time, the town of Norfolk and District 19 are having to hold primary elections. This is due to having there be three candidates running instead of two for each position. 

When the primaries are over in the month of May, only two candidates will remain. Reigle believes that she will be one of those candidates. 

"I am running because I think I am the right candidate at the right time," Reigle said. "I am just very happy we have a governor in office right now who has an ag (agricultural) background and understands and appreciates that ag is the number one industry in Nebraska."