NORFOLK, Neb. -- In an effort to start revitalizing southern Norfolk, the city's old livestock market was removed from Madison County's industrial tract. 

Since 2015 the building has been mostly untouched, becoming an eyesore to residents and continues to fall into disrepair.

By taking it off of the industrial tract, the property is now open to new opportunities for revitalization.

The city also hopes the change will be the first step in bringing revitalization to the area, something residents in the are asking for.

"The city and our elected officials have received a lot of complaints over the years, particularly the stockyards," city administrator Andy Colvin said. "We're going on about nine years now where there hasn't been any activity there. I think the neighborhood and people that live around there, at least how it's been relayed to our elected officials, has been what are you going to do and something needs to be done."

The city of Norfolk hopes the removal from the industrial tract will allow for greater redevelopment to begin the much later process of breathing new life into the area.

"I think it's part of the bigger picture," Colvin said. "As our council has wanted to do more discussions with those that live in south Norfolk...they (residents) want to see something done there."

No opposition was voiced during Tuesday's county commissioner meeting to the properties removal.

At this time there has been no announced plan for revitalization for the area of the city, or the Livestock Market property.