HARTINGTON, Neb. -- With a trial date scheduled for Jason Jones' trial, the next question becomes where the trial will take place.

On Thursday morning, a motion for a venue change was put forward by Jones’ attorney Todd Lancaster.

Lancaster raised concerns about the juror questionnaires received from the jury pool presenting 14 exhibits to the court including numerous news outlets articles and juror questionaries and responses.

He argued due to the size of Cedar County and the amount of media coverage the trial has received, it would be “nearly impossible” to find a fair jury for the case based on responses received from potential jurors.

Some responses show jurors have a “deep and bitter hatred” towards Jones, according to Lancaster.

He added around 70% of the people in the current pool already believe Jones to be guilty with some calling Jones a “devil” and making statements like, “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."

Just over 50 of the potential jurors knew the victims in the case and lived within blocks of the crime scene.

Lancaster argued any potential juror knows the victims and have proven in their questionnaires it will not be an impartial jury.

He anticipated at least a week in order to choose the jury.

The state opposed the motion but acknowledged the difficulty in finding jurors for the case.

Prosecutors said the only way to know is to try to pick a jury and said issues put forward by the defense do not warrant a change in venue.

Another motion put forward by Lancaster was to set boundaries on information about the victims told to the jury.

He wanted to ensure the state would not use information about the victims to appeal to emotions to the jury.

The state argued in order to give information about the case, some information would have to be provided to give context.

6th Judicial District Judge Bryan Meismer took both motions under advisement.

Jury trial was scheduled for Jones to start on Sept. 9.

A pre-trial conference was also set for May 28.

Carrie Jones, the second suspect in the case, is scheduled for a pre-trial on May 20.