STANTON, Neb. -- On Memorial Day, the Stanton community gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Stanton County Veteran Memorial Park. The event drew a crowd that included local residents, a World War II veteran and Governor Jim Pillen.

The project has successfully raised $600,000, allowing construction to commence. The total budget for the park is $1.1 million.

“This is a very neat project,” Stanton Honor Guard and Vietnam Veteran Bill Johnson said. “It shows that we have community support for our veterans and our veterans for the community and it’s a great deal. Without our friends at the library, the city and the county this project would not have come together.”

Gov. Pillen said a few words to commemorate the day for the community of Stanton and veterans.

“It is really an important part of Memorial Day to pay tribute to our living veterans and certainly to our gold star families who paid the ultimate sacrifice,” Gov. Pillen said. “And then here in Stanton, really cool, the Veterans Memorial groundbreaking and Stanton County will never forget it, it’s a big deal.”

Friends of the Stanton Public Library and the city of Stanton have deeded the land to Stanton County for the memorial. The memorial is for all veterans present and past.