WOODLAND PARK, Neb. -- Kathryn Brooks’ children describe her as loving and caring as she turns 102 years old.

“Of course it’s wonderful. They’ve come a long way and they’ve worked so hard to make me happy. It’s great. They’re good kids," Brooks said.

Friends and family joined Brooks in her celebration with cupcakes.

Brooks was given an award making her a member of the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska, one of the highest civic honors in the state.

A member of the Greatest Generation, Brooks has experienced events such as the Roaring '20s and the Great Depression.

Brooks said she does not have a secret to reaching the milestone.

“I do a little something. A little dusting for 10 minutes,” Brooks said. “Then I sit for 20 minutes. Maybe I’ll work 10 minutes more and have a cup of coffee, and then I might take a nap. I have no secret… Keep moving.”

On her past birthdays, she has gotten the chance to ride motorcycles and had a parade through Woodland Park.

Her children traveled from as far as Arizona and Kentucky for her past three birthdays and said they have all learned lessons from their mom.

“I think it’s just to be loving and kind because that’s who Mother is," Bonnie Brooks Kathryn's daughter said.

“They’re just giving people, they’re energetic people, and I take that away," Cheryl Overy, Kathryn's daughter said.

“Mother is one of the most helpful people I’ve ever met," Randy Brooks, Kathryn's son said. "She’s always willing to lend a hand. She’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty. She’ll help anybody. She helps me a lot, and I love her.”

Brooks turns 102 on Monday, July 1.

Brooks' celebration was planned and executed by Molina Healthcare of Nebraska.