BLOOMFIELD, Neb.-- 1999. That’s the last time Bloomfield took on Crofton in high school football.

The head coach for Bloomfield, Matt Kuchar, was a part of the two teams competing back in his playing days.

“It’s an old rivalry game,” he said. “I don't know if these guys understand those old rivalries but it was our rivalry. I’ve had a couple of people come up to me in town and [say] ‘we got Crofton’. Hopefully, we can renew that rivalry.”

The team is coming off a dominant victory against Winside where they ran the ball really well throughout the game.

Kuchar said he liked what he saw.

“I think we had a little bit of a slow start but after we got going we were hitting on all eight cyclers,” added Kuchar. “That was most important for us.”

He said their run game is crucial for what they hope to accomplish this season.

“The run game for us is paramount for everything,” he said. “That’s where everything starts. If you can’t go and run the ball then you’re going to be in trouble.”

The game plan this week will be a simple one for Bloomfield; Playing a clean football game.

“We need to make sure that we’re not turning the ball over,” Kuchar said. “We gotta steal a couple from them and we gotta make sure we hold onto the ball.”

Some of the players are giving high praise to what Crofton can do on both sides of the ball.

Ian Kuchar said Crofton poises a tough task on both sides but the team is still confident.

“Their offensive line and defensive line it’s going to be a challenge but I think we can take it,” said Kuchar.

Their running back who rushed for 172 yards in game one, Wiley Ziegler told News Channel Nebraska he has a ton of respect for Crofton.

“Crofton’s a very good team,” he said. “They got a lot of players that are pretty good at what they do. We know these kids. We respect these kids. I think it’s going to be a good game. Let's see who wins at the end.”

Friday's Crofton and Bloomfield matchup will be televised live on News Channel Nebraska, with the broadcast starting at 6:45 p.m. CT.