LINCOLN, Neb. -- The Nebraska State Patrol said they received body armor donations for the NSP K9s on Thursday.

K9's Jerry, Amos, Chase, Ezra, Fahn, Gable, Havik, Lee, Malloy, and Tilt have received bullet and stab protective vests. 

These were donated by a non-profit organization Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. 

The NSP said that K9 Jerry's vest was sponsored by an anonymous donor. 

According to the State Patrol, Jerry's vest was embroidered with the sentiment, "Honoring those who served and sacrificed."

K9 Amos's vest was sponsored by Bridget McGowan of California, and the vest was embroidered with, "In honor of all working, retired and departed K9s."

The NSP said that K9 Chase and K9 Lee's vests were sponsored by the Bomonti Family of Washington, and the vests are embroidered with, "In memory of Janice Bomonti."

K9's Ezra, Fahn, Gable, Havik, Malloy, Tilt all had vests sponsored using general funds and those are embroidered with, "This gift of protection provided by Vested Interest in K9s, Inc."