NORFOLK, Neb. -- A previous American Idol contestant that now lives in Norfolk discussed his future plans after the competition.

Cam Amen competed in season 21 of last year’s American Idol. He came up just shy of reaching the top 24. 

“You did not make our top 24,” Judge Lionel Richie said. 

He now lives in Norfolk with his girlfriend as they are expecting their first child, a baby girl.

“Don’t let anyone else stop you,” Amen said. “You’re the only person stopping you from doing what you want to do or doing what you want to achieve in your life. Don’t let yourself stop you either because let me tell you, it’s so much better in the end if you work hard and just keep going.” 

Cam grew up in Indianapolis before moving to Omaha. There, he was in and out of foster care until he was 18-years-old. 

“If you are somebody that is going through some of the things I have; maybe it’s abuse, maybe it’s something else, but just know there’s a way out,” Amen said. “You got this. That’s my message to these kids, you know.”

Now the big question remains. Will Cam return to American Idol next year? 

“I am definitely going to go back, even if I have to stay in the car again,” Amen said. “But I am definitely going back.”

It just shows that no matter where you are from or what you have been through, you can always prevail.

“I did it man,” Amen said. “I finally, actually did it.”