NORFOLK, Neb. -- Midtown Health Center in Norfolk was presented with a $1,000 donation check from US92 on Wednesday to help fund their developing children's wing in its downtown location. 

The donation will go toward making the facility more appealing to children with new pediatric beds, a children's space in the reception area, and more.  

Midtown Health Center CEO Kathy Nordby said that patient care has doubled within the last 10 years, and making the facility more child-friendly is necessary.  

"Our children's services are really state of the art I feel like,” Nordby said. “We serve a lot of children and so it's great that they have their own space and it doesn't feel like you're walking into an adult medical room. They're designed around the children and children of different ages." 

Board Chairman Sousie Loutz said that the unexpected donation will help Midtown continue its vision of growth and provide a safe space for all with affordable healthcare. 

"This certainly helps that cause,” Loutz said. "It helps us anytime we can get a boost financially, then we can just go on to the next thing and it's our vision just keeps growing and that's a good thing."

The donation comes from proceeds made from US92's annual MimosaFest that took place back in August to help a nonprofit. 

US92 General Manager Jessica Walker said that Midtown's volunteer work during MimosaFest helped in its success, but it was its mission to expand its pediatric offerings in the area that made it the perfect candidate for the donation. 

"It feels amazing,” Walker said. “We're all about the growth of northeast Nebraska in a whole and if we can help that in any way by helping pediatrics in the area, we're going to do everything we can to do that."  

Midtown Health Center expects to be complete with some construction and plans to occupy most of its space by the end of November. 

Nordby said all purchases funded through the donation should be readily available by next February.