NORFOLK, Neb. — Norfolk Public Library and Northeast Community College Library are inviting the community to “unjudge” someone at the Human Library event in the spring.

The international event began in 2000 in Denmark and the one day session will make its way to Norfolk at the two libraries.

“We are joining the map of worldwide Human Library events,” said Patron Services Supervisor at the Norfolk Public Library Anneka Ramirez. “It’s really cool to have Norfolk become a part of this international event.”

Volunteers will serve as the “books” of the library and will share their life experiences with the goal of the event to break down stereotypes, celebrate diversity, and promote inclusivity.

Director of Library Services at Northeast Jen Ippensen said the event offers an opportunity for people to ask the hard questions and learn about someone who’s experiences are different from others.

“We all have biases based on our previous experiences," Ippensen said. "This is a way to honestly confront that and ask the hard questions, to learn about someone else and their experiences, and come to a new understanding.”

The event will start on Apr. 9 with the first session taking place in Union 73 on Northeast’s campus from 12 to 3 p.m. and move to the Norfolk Public Library from 5 to 8 p.m.

Ramirez believes the event gives a chance for people in the community to share their stories and make personal connections within their community.

“I think this gives us an opportunity to meet our neighbors, meet people who we live in community with," Ramirez said. "We don’t know their stories or whose experiences differ from ours.”

Ippensen and Ramirez said anyone who is interested in becoming a book at the Human Library can reach out to them and get the application process started.