NORFOLK, NEB.-- Major construction work has officially begun in Norfolk with the reconstruction and widening of Benjamin Avenue from 13th Street east to 1st Street.

Phase 1 will reconstruct the eastbound lanes from Riverside Boulevard east to Burger King.

The city administrator for the city of Norfolk, Andy Colvin, says the work that is going on in the city, was planned for years.

"Benjamin Avenue reconstruction has actually been in the works for several years," said Colvin.

Along with this being a major construction project for the city, Colvin says he expects the road work to go well into next year.

"The contract of completion date is December of 2023. By the time you get all done, get all the traffic striping done and the lane striping, get everything completed, and the landscaping, it will go into that date," said Colvin.

Expect delays when you are traveling on Benjamin Avenue between 9th Street and Burger King. Access will still be available to the businesses in the construction zone.