NORFOLK, Neb.-- At the moment, just about everything you can think of has probably gone up in price. With July 4th looming in the coming days, buying fireworks is no different.

According to the American Pyrotechnic Association, prices are up 35 percent across the firework industry.

In Norfolk, different vendors are selling fireworks to the public as part of the July 4th celebrations.

Vendors selling the fireworks like 'Fly By Night Fireworks' and 'Bellino Fireworks' don't seem at all affected.

Sylvia Kasper, who works for Fly By Night Fireworks, said sales have been good despite prices up this year

“They’ve been pretty good actually considering price going up,” Kasper said. “It’s like the economy. Gas prices for truckers to get it here and coming into the states. Everything’s not open,” added Kasper.

Mikayla Miller, who works as the stand manager for Bellino Fireworks, said due to the price increases, there have been some complaints recently. 

"There's been a little bit but the company that we go through has done a really good job of making sure prices stay fairly steady," said Miller. "They said they tried to do only a six or seven percent increase," she said. "But, we have had some people comment on that," she added. 

The Nebraska law to use fireworks in the summer months is from June 25th through July 5th.