PILGER, Neb. -- A farmer's market/vendor fair has returned from a two-year hiatus. 

The Windmill Market in Pilger is now open again on the last Saturday of every month for June, July, August, and September. 

More than 60 vendors participated in July, which is more than organizers (who are running it for their own first time this year) even expected. 

"It took a long time to build up what it was before, during the last 15 years it ran before the hiatus," said Abbey Fox, assistant coordinator of The Windmill Market in Pilger. 

She noted the previous organizer helped them reach out to the previous vendors to reconnect, while they also brought in new vendors.

Items include art, baked goods, antiques, and more. 

"The value of this event, I feel, truly is immeasurable," Fox said. "It's been really awesome, just the people who have come up to us randomly throughout the entire day today ... saying 'oh we're so glad you brought this back." Fox herself used to attend to shop for herself, so she was proud to bring it back. "You hear of large vendor fairs in much bigger cities but this for our area is awesome," Fox said. "It's a great way to bring people together and showcase local talent. People are so crafty and talented and that's all on display. It's an awesome way to spend your Saturday."

The Windmill Market is located at the old Pilger rest stop west of Norfolk on 275 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.