WAKEFIELD, Neb. -- The Wakefield Trojans are coming off a victory in which both sides of the ball performed well in a 48-14 victory last week.

Head Coach Mike Hassler talked with News Channel Nebraska about the progress his team has made so far this season.

“We were really happy with the improvements we made week-one to week-two,” Hassler said. “We cleaned up a lot of things like turnovers, we went from four to zero, really cut down on our penalties, and then had a lot more balance to our run game.”

Despite the improvements the Trojans have made, Hassler said he wants the passing game to get going versus Pender.

“We definitely would like to throw the ball a little better,” said Hassler. “We’ve always been a run first team, so we like to hang our hat on that.”

Just like Bill Belichick always says, he wants his players to just do their job come game day.

“Defensively, you’re always constantly working on being assignment sound - doing your job,” added Hassler. “Definitely just taking care of ourselves and playing Wakefield Trojan football.”

The quarterback and a leader for the Trojans, Cade Johnson said the offensive line has come a long way.

“I like our boys up front,” said Johnson. “The lines been really good. Last game they proved a lot and every play we’re getting a push three to four yards a play.”

With Pender coming off a loss and giving up 66 points to Clarkson, Johnson said he wants the offensive attack to be similar to what they did.

“Hopefully our line can get a push-up front like Clarkson’s did,” he said. “Hopefully we can mix up pass and runs to keep them on their toes.

Hassler had nothing but great things to say about Wakefield ahead of Friday night.

“Very athletic and very fast,” he said. “Great speed. Veteran quarterback and just overall well-coached team.”