NORFOLK, Neb. -- An organization in northeast Nebraska is doing its part to help out the less fortunate this holiday season.

With temperatures currently in the low 20s and the weather outlook for next week possibly dropping to the negatives, it could be dangerous for people who are either homeless or constantly outside during these frigid temperatures.

The Norfolk Rescue Mission is making sure people have a roof over their heads.

The organization was started back in 1996 by pastor Tom Beatty of Omaha and ever since it’s been helping families in Nebraska.

The Weekend Chaplin Dakota Hinto said the weather is a concern this time of the year but added the programs they provide do a great job of getting people off the streets.

“They can come in and get a place to sleep and a meal to eat,” Hinto said. “For those who don’t want to say here but need extra assistance, they can come for chapel at 5:30 any day of the week and they get what’s called a “voucher” and they can get either food, clothing [and] things they would need for a house setup.”

At the moment, the organization is housing around 10 people upstairs in the main building and has room for even more.

Hinto said if anyone needs help, do not be afraid to reach out.

"The doors are open all the time for anyone to come in that needs help,” Hinto said.

If anyone is interested in visiting The Norfolk Rescue Mission's website, click here