The Norfolk Area Home Builders expo has returned, but unlike previous years, this 2023 expo not only includes home and garden, but also outdoors vendors to the event.

President of the Norfolk Area Home Builders Alex Weaver says adding the new vendors helps bring in several kinds of unique features to this year’s show.

“We’ve expanded to the outdoor,” he said. “Campers, boats, ATV’s, jet skis, all those types of fun toys.”

Executive officer Roger Brummels says the new equipment and booths helps bring in a new sect of locals who may be looking for goods and services not included in expos of previous years.

“People are able to see more outdoor information,” he said. “All the different things they are looking for.”

Brummels said this year’s expo includes over 100 vendors from across the country and is one of the best attended events of its type in the region each year.

The event is taking place on the Northeast Community College campus, and has hours up through the afternoon of Sunday, March 19.

“We’re just really excited about this year's show,” he said. “There’s something out here for everybody.”

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