LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska officially welcomed a major addition to campus on Tuesday.

The Husker softball program introduced recent transfer Jordy Bahl in a press conference.

Bahl, a Papillion native, just came off winning two straight national championships as an All-American performer for Oklahoma.

But it was the call toward home that brought her back to Nebraska.

“I’ve always been a big homebody,” Bahl said. “Even my freshman year, I had pretty strong feelings of homesickness, but every freshman, so I was just like, ‘Every freshman is going to be homesick.’ Then my second year, instead of those feelings going away, they continued to worsen. That’s I guess when I started knowing that my heart was always at home.”

Nebraska coach Rhonda Revelle said Bahl’s commitment to her family was evident, even at a young age.

“She was 12 or 13 when I first met Jordy, and I think I even heard about her before that,” Revelle said. “The thing is, yes, she’s matured as a young woman, but she was that person then. I remember very distinctly one time her saying, ‘Coach, I can’t come to this camp.’ She talked about her love and her affection for her brothers. That’s really true. They would take turns on whose turn it was to go to camp.”

Revelle said she likes the current culture in the Nebraska softball program.

The Huskers will aim to make their first Women’s College World Series since 2013 when they take the field next season.

Bahl, who had a 0.90 ERA last season for the Sooners, is expected to be a big part of that.

Nebraska has had over 2,000 people join the season ticket wait list since Bahl announced her transfer.