NORFOLK, Neb. -- What started as a school project, turned into something much more for one northeast Nebraska junior high student.

On Saturday in downtown Norfolk, he held a book signing to help celebrate his book being published.

Jacob Kubes was assigned to write a two-to-three-page story set in a dystopian world based on a book he read during class.

“I just kept writing and ideas kept flowing and I just put them down on a piece of paper," Kubes said. "[During] study hall, during flex, and everything, I just kept on writing.”

After writing over 20 pages, Kubes turned in the assignment and, after receiving praise from his teacher and peers, was told to go further with the project.

“My teacher just kept telling me, ‘You know, you should get this published,’ and I felt like, 'yes, I needed to get this published' and here it is," Kubes said.

The book is titled “Griffin’s War” and follows a student named Griffin who uncovers secrets about the corrupt president who rules the country.

After having reservations about publishing it, Kubes' mother Danielle said he was able to figure out how to publish the book, find an illustrator, and an editor with videos on YouTube.

Through his experience of publishing the book, Kubes said selling it through Amazon made the process easier.

“I don’t have to worry about selling them because they are print on demand," Kubes said. "I don’t have to worry about shipping or finding a place to print them all. They got it all for me there.”

Kubes’ book signing was held at Downtown Coffee Co. & Bistro, and visitors were able to buy one of the books and get it signed by Kubes.

With a sequel of the book “Griffin’s War” set for 2025, Kubes does plan to hold more book signings throughout the year.

Kubes said the character in the story and the cover of the book represents the type of person he wants to be when he is older.

“This is what I want to be like someday," Kubes said. "I want to be on a stage like this. I want to be somebody, you know. I want to be a police officer or a judge or something like that. This is who I want to be when I grow up.”

Kubes’ book is available for purchase on Amazon and said if anyone is considering publishing a book, they should do it.

“I just want to say that if you want to publish a book go ahead, definitely do that. It is an amazing accomplishment," Kubes said.