WEST POINT, Neb. -- Drivers in Nebraska are experiencing slowdowns, and deadlock traffic due to construction work happening on Highway 275. 

Construction stretches eight miles from the south side of West Point past Wisner, causing a downsize of one-lane traffic. 

These conditions make it necessary that drivers practice cautious driving, especially at night time as it may be harder to see lane changes and more. 

West Point Chief of Police John Adams said that it's important for drivers to stay off of their cell phones. 

"If you're coming from out of town, I know a lot of people have it for whatever reason, there's just too much going on in here during the daytime especially, and then at night with the new construction, the roads may not be, there's some don't have shoulders in place yet," said Adams. "So, you're just taking a chance by not paying more attention to the road." 

Adams said that there has been an increase in fender benders in the area but without injury. 

When asked about the construction's timeline or who's in charge of directing traffic, Adams said that it is completely up to the state and the construction company. 

"They decide they'll tell us the day of when they're moving things around or if they change lanes, but there's a lot of lane shifting at both ends of our community, and then north of town now they just started this week digging up the old highway and they're going to resurface," said Adams. "So, they're reshifting traffic, you're going to go from one side to the other on a regular basis."  

Drivers are also urged to drive slower in the area as construction workers and their equipment will be alongside the road.  

"There's an excess of semi-trucks in town doing the construction work and the construction workers, people standing on the side of the road, the equipment, they're paving," said Adams.

More tractor-trailers and larger trucks will also be traveling along the highway as harvest season is a month away. 

Adams said when driving at night, safety tips such as leaving earlier to allow for a slower-paced trip and being aware of your surroundings can make all the difference.