NEBRASKA  -- Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen was among a group of Republican governors that returned to the U.S.-Mexico border for a briefing with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

But as Sarah Costa reports, residents in Eagle Pass say they don't like how their community is being represented by people who don't live there. 

At it's heart, Eagle Pass is vibrant and rich with culture. It's why Jessie Fuentes loves calling this border town his home. 

“You always get an opportunity to be connected to your roots,” he said.

He's upset the public’s perception of the city is mangled by the razor wire. Glimmering coils stretch along the border for miles.

“You know, that concertina wire is brutal,” said Juanita V. Martinez, chair of Maverick County Democratic Party.

Martinez said it's left a scar on the city’s reputation, and on those who get caught in it.

“The community is exhausted,” Martinez said. “We’re exhausted from the situation.”

A situation hitting a peak in December. Thousands of men, women and children waiting to be processed by Border Patrol agents, filling a massive field.

At a Sunday press conference, several Republican governors blamed an increase in crime and drug issues in their states on President Joe Biden and what they call inaction at the border.

"You have to be down here to fully comprehend what an extraordinary humanitarian crisis this is," said Pillen. "And, you know, the people are not hanging out at Eagle Pass. Eagle Pass is a pass through to get moving. The cartels are totally controlling it, and the cartels have a sophisticated network where they're making money across the United States. And, we'd be naive to think none of that comes to Nebraska."

“It’s very clear that this is not just a fight that Texas is having,” said Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “This is a fight that all of us have to engage in.”

The 14 governors joined Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in Eagle Pass to show their support for his decision to take control of Shelby Park.

“I think the local residents are angry and rightfully so — because their neighborhoods, their golf courses, their shopping areas all have been invaded,” Abbott said.

Martinez said she is frustrated but her anger is directed at the governor.

“That’s not true at all,” she said. “Right now, we’re being invaded by the crazy people that he has incited to come here and to wreak havoc on our community.”

Martinez and several others from Eagle Pass said they want the state to back off and get out.

“We need our park back,” she said. “I want Governor Greg Abbott to get the hell out of our community.”