NORFOLK, Neb. -- As the city of Norfolk prepares for the Friday night concert featuring Luke Hupp, Chris Cagle, and Lonestar, one lucky fan was selected to receive a very special prize.

On Thursday, Vickie Evans who was working her regular shift at Target was called into a surprise meeting. There on the phone were some unexpected guests, two members from US 92, who gave her the big news that she had been selected to win two tickets and backstage passes to their Greenlight Great Night concert.

"You are not!" Evans said. "No way, no guys are awesome!"

Not only will she be able to head backstage, but she will also be able to meet and talk with the members of Lonestar and Chris Cagle. Vickie later stopped by the US 92 studio to receive her tickets, where she retold her experience after finding out she won.

"I pulled the closet door shut, went in the closet and I said I got Lonestar tickets from US 92...these guys rock! You know they rock. They're best station ever!"

Tickets for the concert are still available, you can learn more about the concert here.