NORFOLK, Neb. -- Monday marks the 20th anniversary of a day in northeast Nebraska that will never be forgotten.

On September 26th, 2002, five Nebraskans were gunned down in a bank in Norfolk during an attempted robbery.

Four men were involved in the shooting and robbery at the U.S. Bank Branch.

Three of the men were arrested at a traffic stop in O'Neill while the last man was arrested later that night.

Joe Smith, the Madison County Attorney, was a coroner at the time and said he remembers the day very clearly.

"I remember being called. I remember meeting the deputy sheriff at the door. I remember walking in. I remember there was still the odor of gun smoke, gun powder, and the moisture and smell you get in a small room when there's blood all over it," Smith said. "And I remember walking in and seeing each of the bodies, each of the five where they were."

Three of the men -- Jose Sandoval, Jorge Galindo and Erick Vela -- are currently on death row, while Gabriel Rodriguez is serving multiple life sentences. All four men were in their 20s at the time of the shootings.

The four employees killed were Lola Elwood, 43, Jo Mausbach, 42, Lisa Bryant, 29, and Samuel Sun, 50. The first person killed was a customer, 37-year-old Evonne Tuttle.

Authorities said the shootings all occurred within a 40-second span.

In place of the bank now stands U.S. Bank Memorial Park, which honors the five lives lost that day.