NORFOLK, Neb. -- A hospital in northeast Nebraska received a big donation.

Radio station 94Rock donated $2,900 to Faith Regional Health Services on Tuesday.

The money was raised during 94Rock's Laugh-and-a-Half Marathon in June. 

Rachel Reiser, the director of the Faith Regional Health Services Foundation, said the money raised will be used to purchase bilicocoons.

"Faith Regional Foundation has long been a partner with Laugh-and-a-Half Marathon and we are so grateful for their support and generosity over the years," Reiser said. "With the funds from this year, we will be able to purchase the bilicocoons and that will help a lot of pediatric patients that are born here at Faith."

Bilicocoons help decrease the levels of jaundice in newborns.

Shannon Avery, the director of women's and children's health at Faith Regional, told News Channel Nebraska how the bilicocoons work.

"It provides ultraviolet light, it helps the broken down blood cells, which is the jaundice, pull back into the liver, so the body can get rid of that," Avery said. 

The bilicocoons also allow mom and dad to take care of their newborn while the baby is wrapped up and receiving its treatment.

"It is flexible enough that it allows family members, the mother, to still swaddle that baby," Avery said. "They can nurse the baby, they can hold the baby, the babies are more comfortable."

According to the National Health Service, it's estimated that six out of every 10 babies develop jaundice.

Each year the money raised from the Laugh-and-a-Half Marathon helps benefit a different agency with Faith Regional.