MADISON, Neb. -- Madison County Commissioners will decide whether or not they will give future funding to North Fork Area Transit on Jan. 17. 

After going into executive session Tuesday, the Madison County Commissioners announced they would conduct an expeditious full audit on NFAT.

The transportation non-profit is under investigation following their suspended general manager, Jeffrey Stewart, getting charged with embezzlement. An arrest warrant for Stewart was issued Friday, and search warrant was granted on Monday for Stewart's Stanton residence, though he has not yet been taken into custody.

Commissioners said they will talk with the City of Norfolk to help cover some expenses, although how much it would cost was not specified. Madison County Attorney Joseph Smith said the price would be expensive.

Board chairman Troy Uhlir said conducting a full audit would help provide answers to what happened.

"I think we all want the answers," Uhlir said. "We want to know what actually happened here, and I think thats part of finding this out is to do a full audit and see where the trails lead and see who was making decisions."

Also discussed were any future endeavors the board may have with NFAT moving forward. 

On Jan. 17, Madison County Commissioners will come to a decision on if they wish to continue any future partnerships or agreements with NFAT.

Smith said more information should be known at that time, and that he intends to advise withdrawing entirely unless the situation is "very much different, improved or cleared up" by this time.

No one was present to represent NFAT at the Madison County Commissioners meeting.