MADISON, Neb. -- A cattle company in northeast Nebraska is hoping to expand its facility, doubling its heads of cattle. 

Representatives on behalf of Reigle Cattle Company met with Madison County commissioners Tuesday.

There they hoped to get a permit approved to increase their land to qualify as a "large animal feeding operation."

Doing so would increase Reigle Cattle from around 14,000 heads of cattle to up to 25,000 should it be approved.

The company was asking for this increase after acquiring more land, which would allow them to expand their operations.

The expansion would be broken up into two phases, adding new holding pens in both phases and a new lagoon. 

"This has been in the plan, I bet, since 2005," said Travis Casperson of Settje Ag. "We've talked about this piece of ground all along and finally it had come up where they could acquire it."

During the public comments section, no one in attendance spoke in favor or opposition to the expansion. 

Madison County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve Reigle's permit to expand their operation.

However, the company will still need approval from the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy as well.

The company will also need to begin construction of its expansion within a year.