COLUMBUS, Neb. -- A memorable afternoon for those with special needs.

The annual night to shine event in Columbus took place earlier Friday afternoon.

Instead of holding a prom, the event's theme this year was a "Parade of Fun."

Attendees had the opportunity to play games, enjoy delicious food, and take pictures.

Night to Shine Chairwoman Amber Stary said the event is something that their attendees look forward to all year long.

"They were never given the opportunity to do things like this pretty much through their whole lives," Stary said. "This is near and dear to my heart to be able to put something on for them that is going to bring them joy all throughout the year."

The organization plans to hold a dance on April 29th after receiving a $10,000 donation from an anonymous donor.

Follow their Facebook page: Night to Shine Columbus Nebraska to stay up to date on all the updates on the dance.