NORFOLK, Neb. -- Madison and Stanton County citizens have a serious problem. 

An intersection connecting Highway 35 and E. Benjamin Ave is not operational. 

“It’s an issue that’s been larger than most people realize,” said Mike Unger, Stanton County Sheriff.

One of the larger concerns was the understanding of the rules of the intersection for drivers. The highway always has the right of way, while drivers coming from East Benjamin must yield.

“Remember to always look both ways before you pull out into that intersection”, Unger said. “For people that have the right of way, you know, on the highway itself, we would ask that they slow down and maybe even come to a stop if they doubt at all because people are just confused about the right of way.”

A concerned Stanton County and Woodland Park resident told News Channel Nebraska that she witnessed a dangerous incident at the intersection yesterday.

She said: “A t-bone situation was about to occur at very high rates of speeds,” said Alexis Huisman, Woodland Park resident. “Every day I see my little baby's life flash before my eyes just praying no one hits me as I cross the intersection.”

News Channel Nebraska spoke to officials with the Nebraska Department of Transportation District 3. They explained that since the issue has developed, crews tried replacing a cabinet for the lights, supposedly the wrong piece had been ordered and they have been trying to correct the issue ever since. 

“It is a safety issue for our residents at Woodland Park,” said Mike Frohberg, Stanton Emergency Manager. “We are concerned about it just as much as our residents are. However, it is nothing in our control. It is a DOT problem and the intersection is in Madison County.”

While there has been no comment from Madison County officials as of yet, residents will still have to put up with the intersection until a new part is installed.